About Keactiv 


"When you fall, the next step is to Rise" - Kelly Kit


Welcome to Keactiv Lifestyle Networks.

My name is Kelly Kit and I am passionate about beauty, fashion & active lifestyle empowerment. 


In 2015, i wanted to change my life but i needed to find the keys to ignite my motivation.


One day i realised i can have all the tools in my hand but if i dont understand how, when and where to use them, i will not be able to build anything. 


With faith and gratitude to God for overcoming years of complecency, habits that slowed down the progress, now broken by the keys to staying active towards ambitions and goals.


Kelly Kit x





Winning against The Odds

Never accepting defeat as anything other than a lesson.  - Keactiv

Why Keactiv?

KEACTIV marries two words:

"Key & Active". 

Created & Influenced by individuals who express determination to remain active despite situations & circumstances that would prove otherwise. 

Put the oK  in KEACTIV 

It's OK to not feel like following everyone else's fitness routine but creating your own style.

Working with your budget - time - space to fit an active life can be demanding. 

Looking for ways to match your abilities to what's out there is also demanding when living under certain limitations.  

Here at Keactiv, we understand the demand so we are devoted to supplying help with active lifestyle solutions. 

Finding the key to staying engaged to the active steps to our dreams and aspirations. 

Staying active in your ; 


• Beauty 

• Fitness  

Supporting each others with FASHION | FOOD | FITNESS www.instagram.com/keactivlifestylenetworks