Renew Your Mind, Body and Motivation Daily


Renewing your mind, body and motivation daily. 


It’s easy to be motivated once in a while, but it becomes a challenge to maintain a consistent balance between positive mind and body.

When I started my personal healing journey, it was very quick to get started.... Every time I started again... in other words, I never quiet managed to hold on to a rhythm or pattern until I had no other choice. 


It’s not nice to have to make lemonade out of oranges, although it’s not lemon, we still have to do what we can with what we have. But what if I don’t have anything to hook me to the boat so I can start sailing? Thus, allowing the wind to guide me forth?


Finding the right fitness plan, nutrition diet, environment to feel centred and time to action it all, sounds like hard work, I know but they are all necessary. 


In my search of balance, I found out about the aloe vera plant and really loved all the benefits. From it’s use on the skin to being edible, it was an all rounder for me. 

I got myself a little plant online for less than £15. 

It makes the perfect house guest, as it doesn’t require much water and it grows nicely. Mine is still a baby but I have high hopes for it’s future!


I’ve have used the plant for DIY home skin care, it was fun to handle. 

But I also found Forever Living Products who are made with 100% Aloe Vera.

From drinking gels to body scrubs, a range of amazing products, I love. 


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Kit available at Aloe Keys

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Your Fitness

Your lifestyle is a reflection of your health. 

When you are healthy, you encourage order, motivation and calmness in your life.  

You have a CAN DO attitude.  

With Keactiv Fitness

Not only do you get a push towards your physical fitness but with the rise of stress in busy lifestyles, we provide a platform for information on mental health with regular updates on the current affairs in that area. 

Mind, Body & Soul requires good health and fitness equally.  



Fitness for your Lifestyle

Some people hate public display. Some people hate going to the gym. Some people don't understand the multitude of ways to stay healthy. Keactiv Fitness is exploring fitness for different lifestyles.

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With Your Well Being In Mind,

Keactiv Lifestyle Team