What is the difference between Wellbeing & Wellness?

Did you know that there is actually a difference?


Well I didn’t know until I couldn’t choose between these two words. Wellbeing & Wellness.

All I knew is that I wanted to feel better, document the process, share it and that’s it.

I was drawn to fitness, beauty and staying active in my creativity, I wanted to feel good in my space and I knew that this would be the catalyst to working on my inner sense of self.


Parts of my ego would tell me it’s all material things, your looks are not important and your body status is irrelevant to your spiritual journey. But that’s a lie. We are both physically and spiritually alive so they are just as important, to an extent. It’s an external journey yes but it is equally an internal one too. You can’t buy confidence, but you can create an environment where you learn to be.


Wellbeing is about creating the environment in which you can become confident in. Our body gives us symptoms to alert us of potential dis-eases, we call it a sickness and the opposite of sickness is wellness. Some illnesses are connected to parts of the body that we cannot see or touch.

Anxiety for example, you cannot operate on it, it’s not tangible but can be identified through a series of tests such as blood pressure and alerted via panic attack’s which are often described as a feelings of a heart attack or hyperventilating, dizziness, hysteria and huge bouts of fear to name a few symptoms.

Our body works together with our invisible layers to communicate things we are not always aware of.


Mental health is a box full of differentiations that can be experience by anyone from anywhere. No exceptions! It has been reported that animals experience mental health issues too. Especially in domestic pets.


So what’s the difference? Cutting the long story very short...


Wellbeing is your external journey, your personal environment.

Wellness is your internal journey, your personal decisions.


Can you see how they work together yet are different?


What do you need to change in your personal environment & personal decisions?


Author: Kelly Kit

Wellbeing At Your Fingertips